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» Rooms & Suites

Rooms & Suites

The Art Room

This is a cozy room with an elevated double bed leaving only 9 feet between you and the majestic high ceiling. You will find precious oil painting reproductions and the tools of the portrait painter among the décor. This room has a sitting area, vanity, bath with shower and a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills and canyons. All rooms have bathrooms.

The Music Room

This is the most exciting room, which has instrumentation and artifacts of music spanning an incredible broadband of time including the renaissance up to just a few decades back. This room has a queen bed, sitting area, desk, and music everywhere you look. It also has a view of the surrounding hills and canyons. All rooms have bathrooms.

The Geography Room

As the name so aptly describes, this room is very spacious, and the walls have a variety of maps including a pull down world map dating many years back. You will love the sailing ship décor. This room has a queen bed, sitting area, desk, and a sink you don’t see around much anymore. All rooms have bathrooms.

The History Room

It’s a guarantee this theme will not only take you way back in time but will leave you astounded and inspired as to how great this country was becoming. Years and years of major events both by visual artifacts and literature are re-created and displayed within this bunker. Catch a glimpse of a letter by President Lincoln, a collection of stories including the saga of the Pony Express and the Lewis & Clark expedition. Have you ever seen a war ration ticket? So much to marvel at, so enjoy it all. All rooms have bathrooms.

The Writing Room

This is one of the largest rooms at the School House Inn. Majestic tall windows brightly light the room and you may see sunbeams dance across the floor. With the fresh air breezing in through the open window, you can sit, relax, and begin composing your next novel. All rooms have bathrooms.

The Reading Room

A large room that has the flavor of a colonial governor’s retreat. The bookcase is in the foyer so that you can pick out your favorite reading material as soon as you arrive. All rooms have bathrooms.

The Arithmetic Suite

There are almost enough learning tools here to prepare you for a degree in accounting, but don’t over-do it. You are here to relax and enjoy the day. You have permission to skip the pop quiz and that’s because it’s recess as soon as you check in and it remains that way throughout your stay. All rooms have bathrooms.

The Principal’s Office Suite

We know you probably don’t want to go there but the rooms are great – very homey, colorful and cozy. The best thing about choosing this suite is you don’t have to answer to anybody if you don’t care to. All rooms have bathrooms.

The Library Suite

This two bedroom, one bath suite is simply incredible. It has so much character; it should remind you of your favorite grandmother or aunt’s house. The floor plan is very similar to a small apartment, with the ambiance of a private study. All rooms have bathrooms.